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Procopius II of Jerusalem

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Little is known of the life of Patr. Procopius. He became [[patriarch]] after the [[Holy Synod]] of Constantinople [[deposition|deposed]], in absentia, his predecessor Patr. [[Cyril II of Jerusalem|Cyril II]], on [[December 12]], 1872, for not supporting the [[excommunication]] of the Bulgarians after Sultan Abdulaziz I signed a [[Ottoman Turk Documents|firman]] on [[February 28]], 1870 that created the Bulgarian Exarchate that was subject to the [[Church of Constantinople|Ecumenical Patriarchate]] yet represented the Bulgarian millet in the [[Ottoman empire]].
Procopius participated the Council of September 1872, presided over by Patr. [[Anthimus VI of Constantinople]] with the Patriarchs of [[Church of Alexandria|Alexandria ]] and [[Church of Antioch|Antioch]], that condemned [[phyletism]] and the Bulgarian [[schism]]. He remained patriarch little more than two years. On [[February 26]], 1875, he was deposed, mainly under the pressure of the Arab population of Palestine and Orthodox clergy.
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