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[[Image:Theophany.jpg|100px|The Baptism of Christ]]<br>[[File:Seraphim Sarovsky.jpg|100px|St. Seraphim of Sarov]]</div>[[Forefeast]] of the [[Theophany]] of Our Lord and Savior [[Jesus|Jesus Christ]]; Saint Theodota, the mother of the holy [[SaintUnmercenary|Unmercenaries]] Sylvester, Ss. [[PopeCosmas and Damian]] of Rome(3rd c.); Saint CosmasMartyr Sergius, by the sword, at [[ArchbishopDiocese of Caesarea (Kaisareia)|Caesarea in Cappadocia]] of Constantinople(301); [[Righteous]] Juliana of LazarevoMartyr Theopistus (''Theopistos''), by stoning; [[Hieromartyr]] Theogenes, [[Bishop]] of Parium on the Hellespont(ca.320); Saint Theopemptos, [[monkSylvester I of Rome]]; Saint , [[TheodotaPope]], the mother of the holy Rome (335) (''see also [[Unmercenary|UnmercenariesDecember 31]]- Latin'');Martyr Basil of Ancyra, Ss. under Julian the Apostate (362) (''see also [[Cosmas and DamianJanuary 1]] - Slavonic'');Hieromartyr Isidore, Bishop of Syrian Antioch, by the Arians (4th c.);Venerable Theopemtus (see ''Theopemptos''), [[November 1Monk]]); Righteous Mark the Deaf<!-- or Deafdeaf-mute ;Venerable Ammon of Tabennisi, monk (5th c.) (''see also [[October 4]] -Greek'');Martyrs Artaxus, Acutus, Eugenda, Maximianus, Timothy, Tobias and Vitus, in Syrmium in Pannonia (3rd-->4th c.); Martyrs of Rome: many martyrs who suffered in Rome under Diocletian for refusing to give up the [[MartyrHoly Scriptures]] Basil (ca.303);Thousand Martyrs of Lichfield ('field of Ankyrabodies') in England: Hieromartyr Amphibalos and 999 others at Lichfield, under Diocletian (ca.303); Martyr Sergius Saint Martinianus of Milan (Maternian), Bishop of Caesarea Milan in Italy, took part in Cappadocia; Martyr Theopistus; the [[New-MartyrThird Ecumenical Council|Third Oecumenical Council]] George and wrote against Nestorianism (Zorzesca.435) of Iberia; Saint Nilus Aspasius of Auch, Bishop of Auch in France, took part in the SanctifiedCouncils of Orleans in 533, 541 and 549, and a Council in Auch in 551 (ca.560); Saint Sylvester Schottin (''Schotin, Scarthin''), hermit of Kilkenny, Ireland (6th c.) (''see also [[January 6]]'');Venerable Saint Seiriol the Righteous, Abbott of Penmon Priory, (6th c.) (''see also [[Kiev CavesFebruary 1]]''); Hieromartyr Amphibalos Saint Munchin the Wise (''Mainchín of Limerick''), first Bishop of Limerick and 999 others also its patron-saint (late 6th c.);Saint Blidulf (''Bladulf''), a monk at LichfieldBobbio Abbey in Italy who bravely denounced the heresy of the Arian Lombard King Ariovald (ca.630); Saint IsidoreVincentian (''Viance, Viants''), a disciple of St Menelaus, Bishop he became a hermit near Tulle in Auvergne (ca.730);Saint Adalard of SevilleCorbie (827); Saint Munchin Cosmas I of Constantinople the Wise[[Wonderworker]], Bishop Patriarch of LimerickConstantinople (1081); repose Saint Sylvester of the [[venerableKiev Caves]] (12th c.);[[Righteous]] Juliana of Lazarevo (1604);New Martyr George (''Zorzes, Zorsisus'') the Georgian, at Mytilene (1770);Venerable Saint [[Seraphim of Sarov|Seraphim]] the , [[Wonder-workerWonderworker]] of Sarov. (1833)New Martyr Basil (1942);New Hieromartyr Dmitri Shpakovsky (1942);'''Other eventsCommemorations:''' repose Commemoration of [[Archimandrite]] Joanniky Golatovsky (1688);Repose of Hieroschemamonk Gabriel of Optina and Whitehoof Convent (1871);Repose of [[Abbess]] Thais Thaisia of LeushyLeushino Monastery (1915);Martyred Elder Ioasaph of St. Tikhon of Kaluga Monastery (1919);Repose of Elder Iakovos of Epirus (1961). <noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|January 02]]</noinclude>

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