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[[Image:Nativity.jpg|100px|The Nativity of Christ]]<br>[[File:Anastasia of Sirmium.jpg|100px|Greatmartyr Anastasia of Sirmium, Deliverer from Bonds]]</div>[[Forefeast]] of the [[Nativity]] of [[Christ]]; [[Greatmartyr]] [[Anastasia the Deliverer from Potions]](Anastasia of Sirmium), and her teacher [[Martyr]] Chrysogonus, and with them Martyrs Theodota, Evodias, Eutychianus, and others who suffered under Diocletian(304); Martyr Hieromartyr Zoilus, Priest, under Diocletian (304);Martyrs Demetrius, Honoratus and Florus, in Ostia in Italy;Thirty Holy Martyrs of Rome (ca. 303);Saint Flavian, an ex-prefect of Rome (362);Saint Hunger of Utrecht (Hungerus Frisus), Bishop of Utrecht in Holland (866);Saint Amaswinthus of Málaga, monk and Abbot for forty-two years at a monastery in Silva de Málaga in Spain (982);New Hieromartyrs Demetrius and Theodore, Priests (1938);'''Other eventsCommemorations:''' repose Commemoration of the [[Thyranoixia]] (consecration) of the "Great Church of Christ", the [[Hagia Sophia (Constantinople)|Hagia Sophia]];Repose of Monk Dositheus, [[hermit]] of the Roslavl forests Forests and OptinaMonastery (1828); opening Icon of the gates Mother of the Great Church God, Igumenia of God[[w:Manyava Skete|Manjava Skete]]. <noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|December 22]]</noinclude>

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