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Genuine Greek Orthodox Church of America

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In 1951, [[Archimandrite]] [[Petros (Astyfides)]] arrived in New York at the invitation of [[Arsenios Saltas]], whom he understood to be the Greek Old Calendarist [[bishop]] of America. Soon learning that this was not the case, Archimandrite Petros resolved to return to Greece. However, a number of Greek Old Calendarist families in Queens persuaded him to begin services for them, and by 1954 [[Saint Markella's Cathedral]] was established.
Archimandrite Petros began to gather various independent parishes until a diocese was formed. During this time, he was under the [[Metropolia]] and then the [[ROCOR]]. Two ROCOR bishops--, [[Seraphimof Chicago]] and [[Leontyof Chile]]--, [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] him to the episcopacy in November 1962as Bishop of Astoria. This consecration was not technically canonicalinitially considered irregular, as it was done in secret; however. However, by in 1969 the ROCOR had recognized Synod ruled to recognize this act as well as the restoration of the necessity episcopacy of this and other Old Calendarist consecrations, and recognized the Genuine Greek Old Calendarist bishopsOrthodox Church of Greece performed earlier by ROCOR hierarchs. At this time, Metropolitan Petros joined with the Synod in Greece officially.
== Dispute over Grace ==

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