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Theodore II (Sobhi Baki Soleiman) of Alexandria

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{{stubUse dmy dates|date=November 2012}}{{Infobox Christian leader| type = Coptic Pope| honorific-prefix = His Holiness| name = Pope Tawadros II| native_name =Tawadros II<br />{{Coptic|Ⲡⲁⲡⲁ Ⲁⲃⲃⲁ Ⲑⲉόⲇⲱⲣⲟⲥ}}<br />البابا تواضروس التانى| honorific-suffix =| title = [[FilePope of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria]]| image = Pope_Tawadros_II_in_papal_clothes_enthronement.jpg| caption =| enthroned = 18 November 2012<ref name="ap"/>| ended =| predecessor = [[Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria|Pope Shenouda III]]| monastic tonsure =| ordination = 1989<ref name="ap"/>| consecration = 15 June 1997{{or|date=November 2012}}| other_post =| birth_name = Wagih Subhi Baqi Sulayman<br />وجيه صبحى باقى سليمان| birth_date = {{birth date and age|df=yes|1952|11|04}}<ref name="Le Parisien">{{cite web|url=http:TheodoreIIofAlexandria(CopticPope118)//www.JPG‎|title=L'évêque Tawadros, nouveau patriarche copte d'Egypte|publisher=[[Le Parisien]]|date=4 November 2012|accessdate=5 November 2012|language=French}}</ref>| birth_place = [[Mansoura, Egypt|Mansoura]],<br>[[Kingdom of Egypt]]<ref name="Le Parisien"/>| death_place =| buried =| nationality = [[Egypt]]ian| religion = [[Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria]]| residence = [[Seat of the Coptic Orthodox Pope of Alexandria|Coptic Orthodox Patriarchal Residence]]{{or|date=November 2012}}| parents =| spouse =| children =| alma_mater =| signature =}}: ''For the [[Eastern Orthodox Church|Eastern Orthodox]] bishop with the same name and title, see [[Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria]].''
His Holiness '''Pope Theodore Theodoros II''' (or ''Tawadrous II'' in Arabic; born: Wagih Sobhi Baki Soleiman on [[November 4Coptic language|Coptic]], 1952) : {{Coptic|Ⲡⲁⲡⲁ Ⲁⲃⲃⲁ Ⲑⲉόⲇⲱⲣⲟⲥ}} {{lang-ar|‏البابا تواضروس الثاني}} is the 118th [[Coptic Christianity|Coptic]] [[Coptic Orthodox Pope|Pope of Alexandria (chosen and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark]] since he took office on 18 November 2012, a [[fortnight]] after being selected.<ref>{{cite news|title=Bishop Tawadros new pope of Egypt's Coptic Christians|url=|accessdate=4 November 2012|newspaper=BBC News|date=4, November 2012).}}</ref>
==Early life==
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Pope Theodore was born Waǧīh Ṣubḥī Bāqī Sulaymān (وجيه صبحى باقى سليمان) on 4 November 1952 in the region of [[Mansoura, Egypt]].<ref name="Le Parisien"/> He studied at the [[University of Alexandria]], where he received a degree in [[pharmacy]] in 1975.<ref name="EI">{{cite web | url= | title=Tawadros II: The 118th pope of the Coptic Church | publisher=Egypt Independent | date=4 November 2012| accessdate=5 November 2012| archiveurl=|archivedate=5 November 2012|deadurl=no}}</ref> He then managed a state-owned pharmaceutical factory, when he entered the monastery of [[St. Pishoy]] in [[Wadi Natrun]] to study [[theology]] for two years. He was ordained a priest in 1989.<ref name="ap">{{cite news|title=Egypt's Copts choose new pope for uncertain times|url=|accessdate=4 November 2012|newspaper=The Associated Press|date=4 November 2012}}</ref>
{{start box}}==Views and issues=={{succession|before=Theodoros has stated that the [[Shenouda III (Gayyid) of Alexandria|Shenouda III2011 Egyptian revolution]]|title=was a turning point in the Coptic Church's relations with its youth. Amongst his first tasks is the issue of Egypt's changing political landscape, given the new [[Church Constitution of Alexandria (Coptic)Egypt|Pope of Alexandria (Coptic)constitution]]|years=2012and more independent- (incumbent)|afterminded congregants who seek their demands outside the church in dealing with the state.<ref name=-}}{{end box}}"ap"/>
==SourcesPapal selection==* ''[http{{Refimprove section|date=November 2012}}The papal selection process began several weeks before the 4 November selection. About 2,400 clergymen and others shortlisted three candidates:// Bishop Tawadros new pope Theodoros, Bishop Raphael, a former aide to the previous Pope, [[Pope Shenouda III]], and Father Raphael Ava Mina, a monk in a monastery near Alexandria, and the disciple of the [[List of Egypt's Coptic ChristiansOrthodox Popes of Alexandria|116th Pope]], [[Pope Cyril VI of Alexandria|Pope Cyril VI]].'' BBC NewsThe process faced controversy as many congregants sought a greater say in the process. 4 November 2012 Last updated at 05:09 ETThe three were considered consensus candidates as they were not involved in church disputes and were neither too conservative nor too liberal.
==External Links==* The ceremony to choose the pope from the three consensus candidates was held at Cairo's [[http://www.cbcSaint Mark's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, Cairo| EgyptMark's Coptic church chooses new popeCathedral]]at about noon and featured a marked police presence. CBC News (AP)Prior to the selection, [[Metropolitan Pachomius of Behira|Metropolitan Pachomios]], [[locum tenens]] of the Church, sealed the chalice with the names with red wax and put it upon the altar as he led [[Divine Liturgy#Oriental Orthodoxy|Mass]]. Nov 4, 2012 6He then told the congregation:25 AM ET"We will pray that God will choose the good shepherd. <small>(Pope Tawadros II " Following a moment of silence, a blindfolded boy then picked Theodoros' name from shortlist of 3 names drawn from the chalice).</small>* Yasmine SalehThe thousands of congregants in attendance then erupted in ovation, tears or prayer. ''In reaction Theodoros II said, from the monastery at Wadi Natrun: "[http://lifeWe] will start by organising the house from within. It is a responsibility.nationalpostMost important Blindfolded child chooses new pope for Egypt’s Copts].'' National Post (Reuters). Nov 4that the church, as an institution, 2012 12:14 PM ETserves the community." Egyptian President [[Mohamed Morsi]] congratulated Theodoros and called for Egyptian "unity" and "brotherly love" between Copts and the Muslim community.<ref name="ap"/>
[[Category:Bishops]]==References==[[Category:20th-21st-century bishops]][[Category:Non-Chalcedonian Bishops]]<references />
{{s-start}}{{s-rel|or}}{{s-bef|before=[[Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria|Shenouda III]]}}{{s-ttl|title=[[List of Coptic Orthodox Popes of Alexandria|Coptic Pope]]|years=2012–present}}{{s-inc}}{{s-end}} {{Coptic Popes}}{{Patriarchs of Alexandria}} {{Persondata <!-- Metadata: see [[Wikipedia:Persondata]]. -->| NAME = Theodoros II of Alexandria, Pope| ALTERNATIVE NAMES = Tawadros| SHORT DESCRIPTION = Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church| DATE OF BIRTH = 4 November 1952| PLACE OF BIRTH = Mansoura, [[Kingdom of Egypt]]| DATE OF DEATH =| PLACE OF DEATH =}}{{DEFAULTSORT:Theodoros II of Alexandria, Pope}}[[Category:Living people]][[Category:1952 births]][[Category:People from Dakahlia Governorate]][[Category:Egyptian pharmacists]][[Category:Oriental Orthodox monks]][[Category:Alexandria University alumni]][[Category:Popes of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria]] [[ar:البابا تواضروس الثاني ]][[bs:Tawadros II.]][[br:Tawadros II]][[cs:Theodoros II. (papež)]][[cy:Pab Tawadros II]][[de:Tawadros II.]][[et:Tawadros II]][[es:Tawadros II]][[eo:Teodoro la 2-a de Aleksandrio]][[fr:Théodore II d'Alexandrie (pape copte)]][[hr:Teodor II. (Papa Koptske pravoslavne Crkve)]][[id:Paus Theodoros II dari Aleksandria]][[it:Teodoro II di Alessandria]][[he:תאודורוס השני (אפיפיור קופטי)]][[pam:Papa Theodoros II ning Alexandria]][[ka:თეოდორიუს II]][[la:Theodorus II (papa Alexandriae)]][[hu:II. Tavadrosz alexandriai pápa]][[arz:تواضروس التانى بابا اسكندريه]][[nl:Paus Theodorus II van Alexandrië]][[nn:Tawadros II av Alexandria]][[pl:Tawadros II]][[pt:Tawadros II de Alexandria]][[ro:Teodor al II-lea al Alexandriei]][[ru:Теодориус II]][[uk:Федір II (Тавадрос II)]][[zh:塞奧佐羅斯二世 (الكنيسة القبطية الأرثوذكسية亞歷山大教宗)]]

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