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List of parishes in New South Wales

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*Russian Orthodox Church of the Archangel Michael (ROCOR), Blacktown. Rector: Revd Father Adrian Augustus with Protodeacon Father Vasili Hadarin. Language: Slavonic and English. []
*Antiochian Orthodox Parish of Sts Michael and Gabriel, West Ryde. [[Rector]]: Rev. Fr Michel Zghaib. Language: English.
*Australian Orthodox Fraternity of St Michael (Serbian Diocese), Homebush. Rector: V. Rev. Fr. John Vesic. Language: English
*Greek Orthodox Parish-Community of St Nectarios, Burwood. Rector: V. Rev. Fr John Kapetas. Language: Greek.
*Russian Orthodox Church of St Nicholas (ROCOR), Fairfield. Rector: Very Revd Archpriest Father Nikita Chemodakov, with Protodeacon Father Gerald Polorotov. Language: Slavonic.

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