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Timeline of Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic relations

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*1472 Decrees of the Council of Ferrara-Florence repudiated by [[Church of Constantinople|Patriarchate of Contantinople]]; martyrdom of [[Isidore of Yuriev]] and 72 companions for refusing to convert to Roman Catholicism.
*1484 [[Council of Constantinople (1484)|Synod of Constantinople]] with all four Patriarchs in attendance, calling itself "ecumenical", officially repudiated the union of the Greek and Latin churches discussed at Florence in 1439, and determined that Latin converts to Orthodoxy should be received into the Church by [[Chrismation]].
*1518 The Greek Orthodox [[Church of Saints Peter and Paul of the Greeks (Naples, Italy)|Church of Saints Peter and Paul]] is founded in Naples, Italy, to serve the needs of Orthodox faithful who became refugees after the [[Fall of Constantinople]].
*1539 The Greek Orthodox [[San Giorgio dei Greci (Venice, Italy)|Cathedral of Saint George in Venice]] is founded in Venice Italy (completed in 1573), to serve the needs of Orthodox faithful in the West.
*1545-63 Council of Trent answers charges of Protestant Reformation.
*1568 Pope Pius V recognizes four Great [[w:Doctor of the Church|Doctors]] of the Eastern Church, [[John Chrysostom]], [[Basil the Great]], [[Gregory the Theologian|Gregory of Nazianzus]], and [[Athanasius of Alexandria|Athanasius]].

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