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Macedonian Orthodox Church

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Other dioceses
#Diocese of Povardarie, administered by the Most Reverend Metropolitan Timotej
===Other diocesesDioceses abroad===Outside the country#[[Macedonian Orthodox Diocese of America and Canada|Diocese of America and Canada]], the MOC is pastorally active in six dioceses in the headed by His Eminence Metropolitan [[diasporaMethodius (Zlatanov) of Toronto|Metodij]], including #[[Macedonian Orthodox Diocese of Australia and New Zealand|Diocese of Australia and New Zealand]]. <!-- when other dioceses are listed, pls put them into a similar list to the above-->administered by His Eminence Metropolitan [[Peter (Karevski) of Prespa|Petar]]#[[Macedonian Orthodox Diocese of Europe|Diocese of Europe]], headed by His Eminence Metropolitan Pimen of Europe

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