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Methodius (Zlatanov) of Toronto

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Biographical profile of Metropolitan Metodij of America and Canada of the Macedonian Orthodox Church.
His Eminence [[Metropolitan]] '''Methodius (Zlatanov) of Toronto''' is a [[bishop|hierarch]] of the [[Macedonian Orthodox Church]] serving the [[Macedonian Orthodox Diocese of America and Canada]].

Born Metodij Zlatanov in Berovo, Macedonia (then part of Yugoslavia), on 24 August 1963, the future metropolitan spent most of his childhood in Skopje, where he completed his primary and secondary studies as well as his theological studies. As a seminarian Metodij began exploring monasticism, and in 1996 he was tonsured a monk, eventually becoming abbot of St. Elijah's Monastery in Strumica, Macedonia.

In 2004 Igumen Metodij was elevated to the rank of [[archimandrite]], and in 2005 he was consecrated as Bishop Methodius of Velika. In April 2006 the Holy Synod of the Macedonian Orthodox Church assigned Bishop Methodius as administrator of the Diocese of America and Canada, later electing him as diocesan metropolitan. Metropolitan Methodius was formally enthroned in the diocesan Cathedral of St. [[Clement of Ohrid]] in Toronto, Ontario, on 2 September 2006.

*[ Metropolitan Methodius of America and Canada] (Macedonian)

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