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Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the USA

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{{diocese|name=The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA|jurisdiction=[[Church of Constantinople|Constantinople]]|type=Archdiocese|founded=1923, 1929, 1996|bishop=[[Constantine (BahanBuggan) of Irinoupolis|Metr. Constantine]]|see=Irinoupolis|hq=South Bound Brook, New Jersey|territory=United States|language=Ukrainian, [[Church Slavonic]], English|music=[[Kievan Chant]] & [[Galician Chant]]|calendar=[[Julian Calendar|Julian]]|population=''unknown''|website=[ UOC-USA]}}
The '''Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA''' ('''UOC of USA''') is a [[jurisdiction]] of the [[Ecumenical Patriarchate]] in the United States. It consists of three eparchies ([[diocese]]s), ruled by two diocesan [[bishop]]s, including about 105 [[parish]]es and missions. Its latest [[primate]] was His Beatitude, [[Metropolitan]] [[Constantine (Buggan) of Irinoupolis]], who served until his death in 2012.

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