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Patapius of Thebes

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[[Image:Patapius.jpg|thumbnail|right|Icon of St. Patapios the Righteous of Thebes (taken from [ Analogion])]]
[[Image:nunnery of saint Patapios.jpg|thumbnail|right|The nunnery of saint Saint Patapios (November 2010 )]][[Image:the monastery of saint Patapios.jpg|thumbnail|right|The monastery of saint Saint Patapios (November 2010)]]
[[Image:nun patapia.jpg|thumbnail|right|Sister Patapia (October 2010)]]
[[Image:Bishop of Korinth.jpg|thumbnail|right|The bishop of Corinth, His Relevence Mr Dionysius, at saint Patapios' nunnery (28 April 2009)]]
[[Image:saint Patapios celebration.jpg|thumbnail|right|The celebration of Saint Patapios at his nunnery (8 December 2010)]]
Our venerable and God-bearing father '''Patapius of Thebes''' was born in Thebes of Egypt and lived in the Kemetian desert sometime during the 3rd fourth century. His holy [[relics]] have been found incorrupt and can be venerated to this present day. St. Patapius in the Syriac church is venerated as a [[patron saint]] of people who have dropsy. The Church celebrates his memory [[December 8]].
== History ==

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