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Daniel Sysoev

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In 2007, Mufti Nafigulla Ashirov, Co-chairman of the Council of Muftis of Russia, sued Fr Daniel in court for his book ''Marriage to a Muslim'', which, the Mufti said, contained expressions offensive to Muslims. Furthermore, journalist Khalida Khamidulina accused Fr Daniel of inciting hatred of Islam in his publications and filed a suit in court against him.
At the same time, neo-nazi groups expressed their displeasure with the Fr Daniel’s views, and ultra-rightwing Orthodox publications criticised him for his anti-monarchist position.
In addition, some [[Old Believers|Old Ritualist]] spokesmen believed that he attacked their faith, considering his publications on Old Ritualists as slanderous. They accused him of poor reasoning, faulty judgement, and distortion of historical facts.

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