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Orthodox Church in America

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== The OCA today ==
[[Image:OCA chancery.jpg|right|350px|thumb|[[Chancery office of the Orthodox Church in America|The OCA chancery, Oyster Bay Cove (Syosset), New York]]]]
In The OCA today consists of 14 dioceses on the territory of Canada, the United States, there are 12 dioceses and Mexico with 623 parishes, missions, and institutions (456 of which are parishes). The Of the dioceses 3 are non-territorially organized along ethnic lines. These [[Ethnic diocese|ethnic dioceses]] extend into include communities in both the United States and Canada, which also has one non-ethnic archdiocese. Altogether there are 91 Canadian parishes. The OCA has a Mexican Exarchate with nine parishes and missions, and there are five parishes in South America.
There are three ethnically defined dioceses in the OCA: the The Albanian Orthodox Archdiocese of Boston (13 parishes<small>[]</small>), the Bulgarian Orthodox Diocese of Toledo (20 parishes21 communities<small>[]</small>) , and the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate in America (102 parishes100 communities<small>[]</small>). These dioceses' geographic territory overlaps with the other dioceses of the OCA and they have under their care parishes with those ethnic associations, although all are home to multiethnic parishes and the Bulgarian Orthodox Diocese also includes Romanian-language communities. These dioceses are the result of smaller ethnic [[jurisdiction]]s joining the OCA at some point in its history, usually after having broken from other bodiesdue to the politics of the Cold War era.
The OCA also has 28 monastic communities<small>[]</small>, six of which fall under the direct jurisdiction of the Metropolitan (i.e., are [[stavropigial]]). The largest of these monasteries are [[New Skete (Cambridge, New York)]] and [[St. Tikhon's Orthodox Monastery (South Canaan, Pennsylvania)]].

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