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Anba Karas

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|+<font size=+1>'''Important Dates of Bishop Karas'''</font>
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|'''Born:'''||17 January 1955
|'''Ordination of Monasticism:'''||14 November 1981
|'''Ordained Monk-Priest:'''||14 July 1984
|'''Elevated to Hegumen:'''||25 May 1989
|'''Attended University:'''||University of Khartoum
|'''Ordained Bishop:'''||6 June 1993
|'''Diagnosed With Cancer:'''||May 1998
|'''Death:'''||January 17, 2002
'''Bishop Karas''' (born '''Sorial Ayad Sorial''') was the first [[bishop]] of the [[Coptic Orthodox Church]] in the United States and the first [[abbot]] of the church's first [[monastery]] outside of [[Egypt]].
In 1998, Bishop Karas was diagnosed with lung cancer and was given nine months to live. The bishop continued to celebrate the [[Divine Liturgy]], followed the regular [[fasting|fast]] schedule and lived a strict ascetic life. He met daily with visitors, even though he was receiving a chemotherapy treatment. On [[January 10]], 2002, Bishop Karas suffered a stroke and fell into a coma; he died in the early morning of [[January 17]], the day before what would have been his 47th birthday.
== Pictures of Bishop Karas ==
Image:HgSmile.jpg| Bishop Karas as bishop of the monastery of St. Antony the Great.
<!--Image:BlessingHG.jpg| Pope Shenouda blessing Bishop Karas with Holy Oil during his illness.-->
<!-- Image:scan0032.jpg|Bishop Karas praying -->
Image:SorialSmiling.jpg|Sorial at Comboni Catholic School.
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