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Euthymios (Agritellis) of Zela

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In 1911 in [[Constantinople]], he was ordained as Bishop of the Diocese of [[w:Zile|Zela]] on the Pontus, which he served from 1911 until his death on May 1921, having the responsibility of about 340 [[parish]]es and 150,000 Greeks.
In 1921, by a decision of the Kemalist government, all the Metropolitans, Bishops, and [[Archimandrite]]s of the Pontus region were obliged to abandon Pontus and leave their seats. The only hierarchs who did not obey this order were Metropolitan [[Chrysanthos (Philippidis) of Athens|Chrysanthos (Philippidis) of Trebizond]], Bishop Euthymios, and [[Protosyngellos]] Archimandrite Platon (Aivazidis ) of [[w:Amasya Province|Amasya]].
It was because of his actions in support of the Greek side in the [[w:Greco-Turkish War (1919–1922)|War in Asia Minor]] that he was captured by the Turkish armed forces on [[January 21]], 1921. After suffering terrible tortures he gave up his soul to the Lord on [[May 29]]th, 1921.

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