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Synaxis (disambiguation)

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The term '''''synaxis''''' (Greek: σύναξις - "gathering together" in Greek; Slavonic, : ''sobor'') may refer to any of the following:
* In general, any gathering of the faithful or [[clergy]] of the [[Orthodox Church]] for liturgical or administrative purposes, e.g., a [[synod]] or one of the divine services.
* Synaxis of the Archangel Michael and the Other Bodiless Powers, [[November 8]]
* Synaxis of the Myriads of Holy Angels (''Synaxis of the Myriangelon''), [[January 11]]
* Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel, [[March 26]] and [[July 13]]
* Synaxis of the Most Holy Mother of God, [[December 26]]
* Synaxis of the Saints of Vladimir, [[June 23]]
* Synaxis of the Saints of Volhynia, [[October 10]]
* Synaxis of the Saints of Vyatka, [[October 8]]
* [[Synaxis of the Martyrs of Butovo]], 4th Saturday after Pascha

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