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Theoklitos (Koumarianos) of Vresthena

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His Eminence '''Theoklitos (Koumarianos) of Thessaliotis and Fanariofersala''' was the [[metropolitan]] of the [[Metropolis of Thessaliotis and Fanariofersala]] under the [[jurisdiction]] of the [[Church of Greece]]. The metropolis is located in Thessaly in central Greece. Metr. Theoklitos was metropolitan from 1999 to 2005.
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before=[[Kleopas II of Thessaliotis|Kleopas II]]|
title=Metropolitan of Thessaliotis|
years=1999 - 2005|
after=[[Kyrillos II (ChrystakisChristakis) of Thessaliotis|Kyrillos II (Chrystakis)]]}} {{succession|before=?|title=Metropolitan of Vresthena (titular)|years=2006 - Present|after=—}} 
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