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Anba Karas

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|'''Elevated to Hegumen:'''||25 May 1989
|'''Attended University:'''||[[University of Khartoum]]
|'''Ordained Bishop:'''||6 June 1993
|'''Diagnosed With Cancer:'''||May 1998
|'''Death:'''||January 17 January , 2002
'''Bishop Karas''' (born '''Sorial Ayad Sorial''') was the first [[bishop]] of the [[Coptic Orthodox Church]] in the [[United States]] and the first [[abbot]] of the church's first [[monastery]] outside of [[Egypt]].
Sorial Ayad Sorial was born on [[January 17]], 1955, in the [[Sudan]]. At a young age Sorial showed great love for God and this is because of his Orthodox upbringing. After Sorial finished his bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from the University of Khartoum, he left to France to pursue a doctorate at the University of Toulouse.
On [[January 18]], 1981, he attempted to enter [[St. Bishoy Monastery]] but was stopped by the [[Abbot]], His Grace Bishop Sarabamoun, who told him to return to France to continue his education. Sorial replied, “No one, having put his hand on the plough can look back.” ([[Gospel of Luke|Luke]] 9:62) The Abbot then allowed him to enter. On [[November 14]], 1981, Sorial was tonsure]]d a [[monk]] and given the name Father Karas. [[Shenouda III (Gayyid) of Alexandria|Pope Shenouda III]] [[ordination|ordained]] him as a [[priest]] on [[February 14]], 1984, and assigned him to head the Papal Center in St. Bishoy Monastery. On [[May 23]], 1989 Pope Shenouda elevated Father Karas to [[Hegumen]].
Hegumen Karas was appointed to head the new Monastery of St. Antony the Great in Newberry Springs, California (near Barstow, California) on [[September 26]], 1989.
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