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Timeline of Church History (Ante-Nicene Era (100-325))

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*312 Vision and conversion of [[Constantine the Great]]; defeat of Maxentius at the [[Battle of Milvian Bridge]], making Constantine Emperor of the West; martyrdom of [[Lucian of Antioch]], who had completed a recension of the [[Septuagint]] and the Four [[Gospels]] in Greek, and inspired the development of the [[w:School of Antioch|School of Antioch]] and Biblical textual study.
*313 [[Edict of Milan]] issued by [[Constantine the Great]] and co-emperor Licinius, officially declaring religious freedom in the Roman Empire, specifically naming religious toleration for Christianity, restoration of property to Christian churches, and legal recognition.
*314 [[Council of Ancyra]] held; [[Council of Arles of 314|Council of Arles]] condemns [[Donatism]].
*315 [[Council of Neo-Caesaria]] held; [[Constantine the Great]] abolished crucifixion in the Roman Empire.
*316 Lactantius writes ''"De Mortibus Persecutorum"'', a graphic account of the lives and horrible deaths of those who persecuted the church.

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