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Gabriel Kostelnik

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On September 20, 1998, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the demise of Protopresbyter Gabriel Kostelnik, the [[Divine Liturgy]] was celebrated in St. George’s church, followed by a [[Memorial Services|Panikhida]] at the tomb of Father Gabriel at the [[w:Lychakiv Cemetery|Lychakov cemetery]] conducted by Archbishop [ [Augustine (MarkiewiczMarkevitch)of Lviv and Galicia|Augustine (Markevitch)]] of Lvov Lviv and Drogobych.
Later, a historic conference was held on the theme ''‘Protopresbyter Gabriel Kostelnik and His Role in the Revival of Orthodoxy in Galicia’''.<ref name="DECR"/><ref group="note">Taking part in the Divine service and in the conference were hierarchs of the [[Church of Ukraine|Ukrainian Orthodox Church]]: Archbishops Onuphry of Chernigov and Bukovina, Niphont of Lutsk and Volyn, Augustine of Lvov and Drogobych, Sergy of Ternopol and Kremenets, Bishops Methodius of Khust and Vinogradov, Simeon of Vladimir-Volynsky and Koval, representatives of the theological schools from Moscow, Kiev, Lutsk, Pochaev and Warsaw, clergymen from the Rovno, Khust, Chenovtsy; Vladimir-Volynsky and Brest dioceses, Abbess Mikhaila Zaets, mother superior of the Gorodets convent, representatives of the Union of Orthodox Brotherhoods in Ukraine, and many parishioners.</ref> A message from His Holiness Patriarch [[Alexei II (Ridiger) of Moscow|Alexei II]] said that "the death of Protopresbyter Gabriel Kostelnik was an irretrievable loss for the spiritual life of his legacy – the people of God who reunited with Holy Orthodoxy at the Church Council of Lvov and for the Russian Orthodox Church as a whole."<ref name="DECR"/>
On September 19-20, 2008, the Lvov Lviv Diocese of the [[Church of Ukraine|Ukraine Orthodox Church]] celebrated the 60th anniversary of the death of Father Gabriel.
Fr. Gabriel has been under consideration for [[glorification]]. According to Archbishop [ [Augustine (MarkiewiczMarkevitch)of Lviv and Galicia|Augustine (Markevitch)]] of Lvov Lviv and Galicia, the Church has already begun to work on the appropriate documents.<ref name="Interfax"/><ref group="note">"According to our procedure of canonization, a [[martyr]] really had to suffer for [[Christ]] or for the Church, but not to die by chance. Moreover he shouldn't be a [[heretic]] or a [[schismatic]]. As for the pious, the Reverend Fathers, there should be the sanctity of life and authority. Kostelnik is somewhere in between a martyr and a pious," the Archbishop said.</ref>
<center>''Holy Hieromartyr Gabriel, pray to God for us!''</center>

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