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Augustine (Markevitch) of Lviv

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===Church Activities===
[[File:Вп августин маркевич 2.jpg|right|thumb|Archbishop Augustine in 2010.]]
Thanks to the efforts of Archbishop Augustine, the Diocese of Lviv was saved from being eliminated by the local authorities. After the previous Bishop of Lviv, [[w:Andriy Horak|Andrey (Goraka) ]] retired, along with many of the clergy, the authorities of the Lviv region removed the official registration of the Diocese of Lviv (UOC-MP). They also threatened to remove the Pokrovsky Cathedral, the Diocesan Administration building, the residence of the Bishop, the Archive, and the Sacristy from the Diocese's control.
Archbishop Augustine was able to obtain the official registration of the Diocese again, and thanks to him many of the non-canonical clergy returned to the bosom of the canonical Church. During his [[episcopate]], Archbishop Augustine has been subjected to many threats and direct attacks from the opponents of the UOC-MP.
In 1994 he concelebrated the [[Pascha|Paschal]] Liturgy with Patriarch [[Diodoros I (Karivalis) of Jerusalem]], who later addressed a special message to the clergy and faithful of the Diocese of Lviv.
In January 1997 as a member of the Synodal Theological Commission, together with Bishop [ [Eugene (Reshetnikov) of VereyVereya]], he spoke in favour of limiting the participation of the [[Church of Russia|Russian Orthodox Church]] in the [[World Council of Churches]] and in other ecumenical organizations, and proposed to move from the status of a member of these organizations to the status of an observer.
On February 17, 1997, he addressed the Bishops Council of the Russian Orthodox Church with a call to [[Anathema|anathematize]] the former Metropolitan [[w:Patriarch Filaret (Denysenko)|Filaret (Denisenko)]] and former priest [[w:Gleb Yakunin|Gleb Yakunin]].
* 2007 - St. [[Apostle John|John the Evangelist]], II Degree.
* 2007 - St. [[Paisius Velichkovsky]], II Degree (Orthodox Church in Moldova (ROC))
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title=Bishop of [[w:Lviv|Lviv]] and [[w:Drohobych|Drogobych]]|
years=September 20, 1992 - July 28, 1998|
title=Archbishop of [[w:Lviv|Lviv]] and [[w:Drohobych|Drogobych]]|
years=July 28, 1998 - November 5, 1998|
title=Archbishop of Lviv and Galicia|
years=November 5, 1998 - Present|
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