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Peter Skipetrov

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[[File:Piotr Ioanovich Skipetrov.JPG|right|thumb|Cross and stone marker of New Hieromartyr Archpriest Peter Skipetrov.]]
Early in 1918, the aged Father Peter had just returned from a diocesan council meeting. As he bade them farewell, Metropolitan Benjamin of Petrograd had advised the [[clergy]] not to go home alone, but in groups. Fr. Peter and his brother-in-law, the future Hieromartyr Fr. Philosoph, went off together in one of these groups. Outside the cathedral of the [[Alexander Nevsky Lavra]] they were met by a large detachment of Red soldiers and sailors. The agents of the secret police, the [[w:Cheka|Cheka]], wanted to inspect the silver coffin in which lay the [[relics]] of St. [[Alexander Nevsky]]. One of the soldiers crudely addressed Fr. Peter with insulting language.

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