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Consecration of a church

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On the day of the consecration, the service begins with blessing of a quantity of waters by an appointed priest. [[Matins]] (Orthros), a morning service, may be held using a covered table before the Royal Doors set with a candle, [[paten|diskos]], [[asterisk]], and a cover for the diskos where, upon his arrival, the bishop places the holy [[relics]].
The service begins with reading of [[Psalm]] 143, followed by reciting of petitions and prayers. The people and singers, led by the bishop, who carrying the covered diskos on which the holy relics have been placed, and priests, make a procession around the church three times, reminiscent of the three processions around the [[font ]] at baptism. Each time the procession reaches the front of the church, the bishop places the diskos with the holy relics on a table placed there earlier and reads from the Holy Scriptures.
After the third procession is completed, the bishop chants a dialogue from Psalm 24 as he enters the church; this represents Christ the King entering and taking over the building by defeating the power of the devil. After the dialogue is completed the bishop, holding the diskos on which are the holy relics, makes the [[sign of the cross]] and enters the church.

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