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Letter of Lentulus

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[[File:Anon-Publius Lentulus.jpg|right|thumb|300px|''Letter of Lentulus'', printed in London, 1680.]]
The '''Letter of Lentulus''' is an allegedly [[Apocrypha|apocyrphal]] or pseudepigraphal letter purporting to have been written to the Roman Senate during the reign of [[w:Tiberius|Tiberius Caesar]] by a certain "Publius Lentulus",<ref group="note">"Lentulus" was the name of a Roman [[w:Patrician (ancient Rome)|patrician]] family of the [[w:Cornelia (gens)|Cornelian gens]].</ref> concerning the physical appearance of our Lord [[Jesus Christ]].<ref group="note">Neither the [[Gospels]] nor the [[Epistles]] make any mention of the physical characteristics of [[Christ]]; although there is a tradition that the Apostle and Evangelist [[Apostle Luke|Luke]], who wrote the first [[icon]] of the Most Holy [[Theotokos]], also painted an icon of [[Jesus]].</ref>

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