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Councils of Lyons

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The council did not provide a lasting solution to the [[schism]]. While the emperor was eager to heal the schism, the Orthodox clergy did not accept it. Patriarch [[Joseph I (Galesiotes) of Constantinople]], who opposed the council, abdicated and was succeeded by [[John XI Bekkos of Constantinople|John Bekkos]] who favored the union. In spite of a sustained campaign by Patr. Bekkos to defend the union intellectually, and with vigorous and brutal repression of opponents by emperor Michael, the Orthodox Christians remained implacably opposed to union with the Latin "[[heretic]]s". Michael's death in December 1282 finally put an end to the union of Lyons. His son and successor Andronicus II repudiated the union. Patr. Bekkos was forced to abdicate. He was eventually exiled and then imprisoned until his death in 1297.

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