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Mathurin of Larchant

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[[Image:Vue aérienne Larchant.jpg|right|thumb|Aerial photo of the Basilica of St. Mathurin, Larchant, France.]]
Mathurin was born in [[w:Larchant|Larchant]] between [[w:Nemours|Nemours]] and [[w:Malesherbes, Loiret|Malesherbes]] in [[w:Gâtinais|Gâtinais]], in northern France. His parents, Marinus and Euphemia, were [[Paganism|pagans]], and his father had even been entrusted by the Roman Emperor [[w:Maximian|Maximian]] with the task of exterminating the Christians in the country.
Due to his deliverance of the girl with the evil spirit, Saint Mathurin is invoked against particular obsessions, madness, insanity, and as a patron saint of [[w:Lunatic|lunatics]] (fools, mentally ill).<ref name="MATURINO">{{it icon}} [ San Maturino].</ref> By extension he also became the patron saint of comic actors, jesters, and clowns,<ref name="Mathurin"/> as well as of sailors (in Brittany),<ref name="Mathurin"/> of tinmen (in Paris), and of plumbers.<ref name="MATURINO"/>
Image:St Mathurin de Larchant.jpg
Image:Saintmathurin t2.gif
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:::(see: ''Prière à Saint Mathurin,'' and ''Litanie de saint Mathurin'')
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