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Mathurin of Larchant

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:* Rev. Alban Butler (1711–73). ''[ St. Mathurin, Priest and Confessor].'' The Lives of the Saints. Volume XI: November. 1866. (</ref> who successfully [[Enlightener|enlightened]] his native region of [[w:Gâtinais|Gâtinais]], France,<ref group="note">In the historic [[w:Brie (region)|Brie region]] of France, the western ''Brie française,'' corresponding roughly to the modern department of [[w:Seine-et-Marne|Seine-et-Marne]] in the [[w:Île-de-France (region)|Île-de-France]] region.</ref> and was gifted with [[Wonderworker|wonderworking]] abilities as an [[Exorcism|exorcist]]. He is honoured as the apostle and patron of the historic French province of [[w:Gâtinais|Gâtinais]],<ref name=BUTLER>Rev. Alban Butler (1711–73). ''[ St. Mathurin, Priest and Confessor].'' The Lives of the Saints. Volume XI: November. 1866. (</ref> with his feast day celebrated on [[November 1]].
The first source to mention St. Mathurin is the ''[[w:Martyrology of Usuard|Martyrology of Usuard]]'',<ref name="Mathurin"/> written in 875 by a Benedictine monk of the [[w:Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés|Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés]] in Paris, his life apparently having been unknown before this time.<ref group="note">Note however, he has been included in the Latin edition of the ''[[w:Roman Martyrology|Martyrologium Romanum]]'', published by the [[Roman Catholic Church|Vatican]] Press in 2001.</ref>
[[Image:Vue aérienne Larchant.jpg|right|thumb|Aerial photo of the Basilica of St. Mathurin, Larchant, France.]]
Mathurin was born in [[w:Larchant|Larchant]] between [[w:Nemours|Nemours]] and [[w:Malesherbes, Loiret|Malesherbes]] in [[w:Gâtinais|Gâtinais]], in northern France. His parents, Marinus and Euphemia, were [[Paganism|pagans]], and his father had even been entrusted by the Roman Emperor [[w:Maximian|Maximian]] with the task of exterminating the Christians in the country.
Mathurin lived for three more years in the Eternal City (Rome), interceding with the emperor on behalf of persecuted Christians.<ref name="Mathurin"/>
He died in peace some time and was buried in a Roman cemetery. However, Mathurin miraculously indicated that he wished to be buried in Larchant, and so his body was taken to Sens, and then back to Larchant, which became a [[pilgrimage]] site.
:* ''"Mathurins".'' In: Rev. John M'Clintock & James Strong. '''Cyclopaedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature.''' Vol. V - K,L,Mc. New York: Harper & Brothers, Publishers, 1882. p.879.</ref> In addition, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Paris kept their great seal in the Church of Saint-Mathurin (Paris).<ref>René Gandilhon. ''Sigillographie des universités de France.'' Paris, 1952.</ref>
Due to his deliverance of the girl with the evil spirit, Saint Mathurin is invoked against particular obsessions, madness, insanity, and as a patron saint of [[w:Lunatic|lunatics]](fools, mentally ill).<ref name="MATURINO">{{it icon}} [ San Maturino].</ref> By extension he also became the patron saint of comic actors, jesters, and clowns,<ref name="Mathurin"/> as well as of sailors (in Brittany),<ref name="Mathurin"/> of tinmen (in Paris), and of plumbers.<ref name="MATURINO"/> ==Gallery==<center><gallery> Image:St Mathurin de Larchant.jpg Image:Saintmathurin t2.gif </gallery></center>
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:::(see: ''Prière à Saint Mathurin,'' and ''Litanie de saint Mathurin'')
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