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Dikirion and Trikirion

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'''Dikirion''' and '''Trikirion''' are liturgical candlesticks, often quite ornate, used when the [[Divine Liturgy]] is celebrated by a [[bishop]].
Both the dikirion and trikirion have a flat base, so that they may be stood upright. Above this base is a vertical shaft terminating in candleholders. The dikirion holds two [[Candles|candles]], representing the dual natures of [[Jesus Christ]] (i.e., fully God and fully man), and the trikirion holds three, representing the three persons of the [[Holy Trinity]].
During a hierarchical [[Divine Liturgy]], the dikirion and trikirion are kept respectively on the northeast and southeast corners of the [[altar]] or on stands placed next to these corners. When they are needed by the bishop, they are carried to him by [[subdeacon]]s or [[deacon]]s, who may also carry them during the [[incense|censing]] by the deacon or during the [[Great Entrance]]. The trikirion is always on the bishop's right, and the dikirion on his left.

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