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Church of Georgia

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** Diocese of Agaraki and Tashiri (Armenia)
** Diocese of West Europe (Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria)
==Further reading==
* Christopher Haas. ''"Mountain Constantines: The Christianization of Aksum and Iberia."'' '''Journal of Late Antiquity''', Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 2008. pp.101-126.
: <small>(At the beginning of the fourth century, [[w:Ezana of Axum|Ezana I of Aksum]] and [[w:Mirian III of Iberia|Mirian III of Iberia]] espoused Christianity, much like their better-known contemporary, [[Constantine the Great]]. The religious choices made by the monarchs of these two mountain polities was but one stage in a prolonged process of Christianization within their respective kingdoms. This study utilizes a comparative approach in order to examine the remarkably similar dynamics of religious transformation taking place in these kingdoms between the fourth and late sixth centuries. The cultural choice made by these monarchs and their successors also factored into, and were influenced by, the fierce competition between Rome and Sassanian Persia for influence in these strategically important regions.)</small>
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