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Gerasimus II (Palladas) of Alexandria

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'''Gerasimus II of Alexandria''' was the [[Patriarch]] of the [[Church of Alexandria]] from 1688 to 1710. Little is known of his early life nor his patriarchate.  Patriarch Gerasimus II was installed as patriarch of Alexandria on [[November 3]], 1688 and left the office on [[January 10]], 1700.
One incident related to Gerasimus concerned the wonderworking Kykkos [[icon]] of [[Theotokos|Mother of God]] "Merciful" of Cyprus. A feature of the icon is that no one can see the original, as it is kept under a covering. In 1699, Patr. Gerasimus was the last person who removed the covering and was punished. Only after he offered a prayer to the Mother of God was his wrongdoing forgiven.
Patr. Gerasimus reposed in 1714.
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