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Parthenius II (Pankostas) of Alexandria

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Parthenius was born on the island of Patmos. Little is known of his early life nor of his general church activities. After coming to the patriarchal throne of Alexandria, Parthenius worked to restore the prestige of the Church of Alexandria. Among the many projects he pursued was renovation of the Patriarchal Library and the ancient Holy Monastery of St. George in Old Cairo. Through the efforts of Patr. Parthenius, the Monastery of St. Savvas in Alexandria was saved from destruction by Napoleon during Napoleon's occupation of Egypt.
In a reaction following Napoleon Bonaparte's conquest of Egypt, Patri. Parthenius II came under enormous persecution by the Arabs such that he was forced to seek refuge first in Rahitio and then on the island of Rhodes. There he reposed on [[September 9]], 1805. After his repose Parthenius was succeeded as patriarch by his nephew as [[Theophilus II (Pankostas) of Alexandria|Theophilus II]].
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