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Savvas (Heimonetos) of Nubia

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With the reopening of the Patriarchal Academy of St. Athanasios in Alexandria, Fr. Savvas was appointed its Dean by Pope [[Theodoros II (Choreftakis) of Alexandria|Theodore II]]. He was also made a member of the [[Synod]] Council on Education.
On [[October 9]], 2009, the [[Holy Synod]] of the Patriarchate of Alexandria established a new [[Diocese]] of Burundi and Rwanda and elected Fr. Savvas the first ruling bishop of the new diocese. He was [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] Bishop of Burundi and Rwanda by Patr. Theodoros II on [[October 11]], 2009at the Patriarchal Church of St. Sabbas the Sanctified in Alexandria.
*[ Diocese of Rwanda and Burundi] (Patriarchate of Alexandria)
*[ Ordination of His Grace Savvas of Burundi and Rwanda]
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