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Battle of Milvian Bridge

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== Effects ==
Constantine entered Rome not long afterwards and was acclaimed as sole Western Roman Augustus, disbanding the 300-year-old Praetorian Guard. In 313, Constantine and Licinius joined forces against Maximinus. Their alliance would lead to the [[Edict of Milan]], which legalized all religions within the Empire, but specifically Christianity. The Edict would later give way to Christianity rising from a "faith of the [[catacombs]]," a repressed religion, to the faith of the Empire with Constantine's conversion. However, the Edict's effects were long term. Licinius soon marched against Constantine to gain control of the Empire, though his insurrerction was crushed by Constantine, and subsequently Licinius was executed. Furthermore, Constantine's nephew and future emperor [[Julian the Apostate|Flavius Claudius Julianus]] would reinstate the pagan religio romana, though this change did not last long as Christianity was once again the Imperial faith after his reign.
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