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Theodore (disambiguation)

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*[[Theodore of Tarsus]], ABp. of Canterbury, [[September 19]] (d. 690)
*[[Theodore of Pavia|Theodore]], Bp. of Pavia, [[May 20]] (d. 778).
*[[Theodoros Graptos|Theodorus ]] and [[Theophanes]]
*[[Theodore Trichinas]], "Hair-Shirt Wearer", [[April 20]]. (d. 4th-5th C)
*[[Theodore the Sykeote]], Bp. of Anastasiopolis, [[April 22]] (d. 613)
*[[Theodore the Studite]], 8th-9th century monk, opponent of iconoclasm, and hymnographer [[November 11]].
*Theodore of Smolensk, Prince of Smolensk and Yaroslavl', 13th century
*Théodore Guérin, French nun and saint who died in Indiana (1798–1856)
*Theodore Kvelteli, Theodore Priest († 1609), Georgian hero.
*Theodore of Komogovo
It may refer to the Fool-for-Christs:
* Blessed [[Theodore of Novgorod]], Fool-for-Christ ([[January 19]]) * Theodore, Fool-for-Christ ([[February 25]])
It may also refer to the [[Mother of God of St. Theodore]] ([[August 16]]), an icon named after Theodore Stratelates.

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