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Petros (Giakoumelos) of Caesarea

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George Giakoumelos, in 1932, was born in Zakynthos. His collegiate level education began with the Theological Faculty of the University of Athens in Greece. He was [[ordination|ordained]] [[deacon]] in 1955 and as a [[priest]] in 1956. Fr. Petros continued his education at the Sorbonne, Paris, studying Catechism-Pastoral Theology and Sociology. While attached to the [[Archdiocese]] of Elasson, Fr. Petros served as [[archdeacon]], preacher, and Great [[Chancellor ]] of the Throne. In 1972, he was elected Archbishop of Askum. During 1996 and 1997, Abp. Petros was appointed also Patriarchal Exarch in the [[Archdiocese of Kenya]] and Irenoupolis.
Abp. Petros speaks French, English, and Italian, in addition to his native language Greek.

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