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Timeline of Church History

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Byzantine era (451-843)
*477 Bishop Timothy ("the Wild Cat") of Alexandria, who opposed the Council of Chalcedon, exiled the Orthodox bishops from Egypt.
*484 Founding of the Monastery of St. Sabbas in the Judean wilderness; Synod of Beth Papat in Persia declares the [[Nestorianism|Nestorian doctrine]] as the official theology of the [[Assyrian Church of the East]], centered in Edessa.
*488. Death of Peter the Fuller, the non-Chalcedonian Patriarch of Antioch.
*490 St. [[Brigid of Kildaire|Brigid]] founds the monastery of Kildare in Ireland.
*521 St. [[Columba of Iona|Columba]] is born.
*529 The pagan University of Athens is closed, and replaced by a Christian university in Constantinople.
*529 St. [[Benedict of Nursia]] founds the monastery of Monte Cassino and codifies Western [[monasticism]]; [[Council of Orange]] condemns [[Pelagianism]].
*533 Mercurius is elected Pope of Rome and takes the name of [[John II of Rome|John II]], the first pope to change his name upon election.
*698 Muslim conquest of Carthage.
*716 Monastery at [[Iona]] conforms to Roman liturgical usage.
*716 St Boniface's first missionary journey to Frisia.
*726 Emperor [[Leo the Isaurian]] starts his campaign against the [[iconography|icons]].
*731 The Venerable [[Bede]] completes the ''[[Ecclesiastical History of the English People]]''.
*732 Muslim invasion of Europe is stopped by the Franks at the Battle of Tours.
*754 [[Iconoclastic Council]] is held in Constantinople under the authority of Emperor [[Constantine V Copronymus]], condemning icons and declaring itself to be the Seventh Ecumenical Council.
*754 Death of St Boniface, the Apostle of Germany.
*787 [[Seventh Ecumenical Council]] is held in Nicea, condemning [[Iconoclasm]] and affirming the [[veneration]] of the [[iconography|holy icons]], declaring that worship is due to God alone, and that the honor paid to icons passes to its prototype.
*800 [[Charlemagne]] is crowned as Holy Roman Emperor by [[Leo III of Rome]] on [[Christmas]] day.
*793 Sack of Lindisfarne. Viking attacks on England begin.
*826 St. [[Ansgar]] arrives in Denmark and begins preaching; King Harald Klak of Denmark converts to Christianity.
*836 Death of St Theodore the Studite.
*843 The [[Triumph of Orthodoxy]] occurs on the first Sunday of [[Great Lent]], restoring the [[iconography|icons]] to the churches.

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