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Caintigern of Loch Lomond

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saint [[Saint]] '''Caintigern''' (died 734), or Kentigerna, was the daughter of King Cellach Cualann, of Leinster, and of Caintigern, daughter of Conaing Cuirre. Her [[feast day]] is [[January 7]] as listed in the Aberdeen Breviary.
Her husband is said to have been Feriacus regulus Regulus of Monchestre. Mac Shamhrain identifies him with the Feradach hoa Artúr of Dál Riata, the possible grandson of King Arthur who signed the Cáin Adomnáin at Birr in 697 and supposes that he was a king in Dál Riata.
Along with her brother St. Comgan and her son St. Fillan, the widowed Caintigern is said to have lived as a [[hermit]], first in Strath Fillan, then in the Lennox, on the island of Inchcailloch on Loch Lomond.
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