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The '''Book of Genesis''' is the first book of the [[Old Testament]] and contains extremely old oral and written traditions of the people of Israel. The English title, '''Genesis''', comes from the Greek translation ([[Septuagint]], LXX)<ref>LXX Septuagint—an ancient translation of the Old Testament into Greek</ref> meaning "origins"; whereas, the Hebrew title is derived from the Bible’s very first wordopening sentence of the book, translated "in the beginning". Tradition has it that this book was mostly written by the [[Prophet]] [[Moses]] 1,300 years before [[Christ]]. The influence of Genesis over all of Holy Scripture is demonstrated by it being quoted over 35 times in the [[New Testament]] and hundreds of allusions appearing in both Testaments. The story line of salvation begins in Genesis 3 and is not completed until Revelation 21 and 22, where the eternal kingdom of redeemed believers is illustrated.
[[image:Viennagenesis.jpg|right|thumb|A page of the Vienna Genesis, made in sixth century Syria, with an illustration of Jacob/Israel blessing his grandsons Ephraim and Mannasseh.]]

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