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Timeline of Church History

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Nicene era (325-451)
*358 [[Basil the Great]] founds the monastery of Annesos in Pontus, the model for Eastern [[monasticism]].
*360 St. [[Martin of Tours]] founds first French monastery at Liguge.
*361 Julian the Apostate becomes Roman emperor.
*367 St. [[Athanasius of Alexandria]] writes his [[Pascha]]l letter, listing for the first time the [[canon]] of the [[New Testament]] of the [[Holy Scriptures]].
*373 Death of St [[Athanasius the Great]], Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria.
*374 Election of [[Ambrose of Milan|Ambrose]] to the episcopacy of Milan.
*375 St. [[Basil the Great]] writes ''On the Holy Spirit'', confirming the divinity of the [[Holy Spirit]].
*410 Fall of Rome to the Visigoths.
*411 [[Pelagius]] condemned at a council in Carthage.
*412 St Cyril succeeds his uncle Theophilus as Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria.
*415 [[Pelagius]] cleared at a [[synod]] in Jerusalem and a provincial synod in Diospolis (Lydda); St. [[John Cassian]] founds convent at Marseilles.
*416 Councils in Carthage and Milevis condemn [[Pelagius]] and convince Pope Innocent I of Rome to excommunicate him.
*432 Return of [[Patrick of Ireland|Patrick]] to Ireland to begin missionary work.
*433 The [[Formulary of Peace]] completes the work of the [[Third Ecumenical Council]] by reconciling [[Cyril of Alexandria]] with [[John of Antioch]].
*444 Death of St Cyril, Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria.
*445 Founding of the monastery at Armagh in northern Ireland.
*449 The "robber synod" of Ephesus/ Dioscurus was chairman, with an order from the Emperor to acquit Eutyches.
*450 First monasteries established in Wales.

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