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Timeline of Church History

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Nicene era (325-451)
*329 St. [[Athanasius of Alexandria|Athanasius]] ordains St. [[Frumentius]] (Abba Selama) to the [[priest]]hood and commissions him to apostolic work in Ethiopia.
*330 Amoun and [[Macarius the Great]] found monasteries in the Egyptian desert.
*336 St [[Athanasius the Great]] of Alexandria goes to into exile inTreves until 338. He told the Europeans about the rule of St [[Pachomius the Great]], thus awakening interest in [[monasticism]] in Europe
*340 Conversion of [[Wulfila]] to [[Arianism]], subsequently missionizing the Goths with his heretical doctrine.
*348 Death of St. [[Pachomius the Great]].

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