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His parents were Eustorgiusof Nicomedia, a pagan, and [[Saint]] Eubula ([[March 30]]). They named him ''Pantaleon,'' which means ''in all things like a lion,'' but when he [[conversion|converted]] to Christianity, he changed his name to ''Panteleimon'', which means ''all-merciful.'' He learned about Christianity from the [[priest]] who later [[baptism|baptized]] him, Saint Hermolaus. Hermolaus was living with two other priests, Hermippus and Hermocrates; the three were "survivors of the massacre of 20,000 Christians in 303 ([[December 28]])."<ref name="OCA">[ Holy Greatmartyr and Healer Panteleimon] ([[OCA]])</ref>
St. Panteleimon had been educated as a physician, and he "dedicated his life to the suffering, the sick, the unfortunate and the needy. He treated all those who turned to him without charge, healing them in the name of [[Jesus Christ]]. He visited those held captive in prison. These were usually Christians, and he healed them of their wounds. In a short time, reports of the charitable physician spread throughout the city. Forsaking the other doctors, the inhabitants began to turn only to St. Panteleimon."<ref name="OCA" />

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