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Eustathius of Kunnamkulam

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Ordination and consecration: grammar
==Ordination and consecration==
Although he was only 6 years younger than the Parumala Thirumeni, Eustathius remained a deacon until several years after St. GregoryGregorious's death(Parumala Thirumeni). In 1906 Dn. Sleeba was asked to return to Dayro d'Mor Mattai near Nineveh (modern day Mosul) in Mesopotamia to be consecrated to the episcopacy. He traveled to the Middle East with Deacon Mathai of Cheettalathumkara (later Catholicos Mar Augen I). Upon arriving at Dayro d'Mor Mattai, Eustathius was ordained to the priesthood in 1906 and two weeks later elevated to the rank of raban/ramban by Metropolitan Mor Kurillos Elias of Mor Mattai.
Following his ordination Fr. Sleeba traveled to Dayro d'Mor Hananyo near Mardin (in modern day Turkey) to stay with the newly enthroned Patriarch Ignatius Abdallah II of Antioch. After his visit to Mardin, Eustathius traveled to Kfarzo to visit his sister and remained in the area for two years to preach in its [[church]]es. In early 1908 Fr. Sleeba was consecrated Metropolitan Mor Ostatheos Sleeba by Patrarch Ignatius Abdallah II in the Church of the Holy Forty Martyrs of Sebaste in Nineveh, who promptly appointed him as patriarchal exarch to the Malankara Orthodox Church.

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