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Christ the Saviour Seminary (Johnstown, Pennsylvania)

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The origins of Christ the Saviour Seminary are found in the vision of the first [[bishop]] of the [[diocese]], [[Orestes (Chornock)of Agathonikeia|Orestes (Chornock)]], in 1940. The seminary, at first, not having a permanent home, moved and held classes in a number of northeastern United States cities, including New York City; Nicholson, Pennsylvania; and Bridgeport, Connecticut. In 1951, the diocese acquired property in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, that became the home of the seminary. Johnstown is also the seat of the diocese. The property is a landmark in the west end of the city, the historic Strayer Mansion. The building has been developed to include class and lecture rooms and dining and recreation facilities, as well as a library and bookstore.

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