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WWII and Post-WWII Era: note
*1941-45 Croatian [[w:Ustaše|Ustasa]]<ref group="note">A Croatian fascist, anti-Yugoslav separatist movement, whose ideological movement was a blend of fascism, Nazism, Croatian ultranationalism, and Roman Catholic [[w:Clerical fascism|Clericalist]] [[w:Fundamentalist Christianity|Fundamentalism]]. (Palmer Domenico, Roy. ''[ Encyclopedia of Modern Christian Politics]''. Greenwood Publishing Group. 2006. ISBN 0313323623).</ref> terrorists, part of whose ideology included Roman Catholic [[w:Clerical fascism|Clericalist Fundamentalism]], kill 500,000 Orthodox Serbs, expel 250,000 and force 250,000 to convert to [[Roman Catholic Church|Catholicism]];<ref group="note">According to the [[w:Simon Wiesenthal Center|Simon Wiesenthal Center]] (citing the ''[[w:Encyclopedia of the Holocaust|Encyclopedia of the Holocaust]]''). The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum states that "Ustaša units, often encouraged by Catholic clergy, carried out a program of compulsory conversion of Orthodox Serbs to Catholicism; resistance often resulted in murder. Some Serbs, particularly members of the elite, were not even offered the option of conversion to avoid being killed." (''[ Holocaust Era in Croatia 1941-1945 JASENOVAC: History: II Targeted Populations].'' [ United States Holocaust Memorial Museum]). The late Bishop [[Nikolai Velimirovic|Nikolai (Velimirovich)]] inscribed into the Church calendar by his own hand the following notation for the date August 31 (O.S.): ''"The 700,000 who suffered for the Orthodox faith at the hands of the Roman crusaders and Ustasi during the time of the Second World War. These are the New Serbian Martyrs."''</ref> the Orthodox in Croatia were forced to wear the Cyrillic letter "P" for Provoslavets, or Orthodox, like the Jews who were forced to wear the Star of David during World War II; <ref name="Ivanov"/> martyrdom of Bp. [[Sava of Gornji Karlovac]], and Fr. [[Djordje Bogic]].
*1943-44 Hundreds of Orthodox priests of the [[Church of Ukraine|Ukrainian Orthodox Church]] eliminated, tortured and drowned by Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - [[w:Ukrainian Insurgent Army|Ukrainian Rebel Army]], aided by [[Eastern Catholic Churches|Uniate]] Metr. Josyf Slipyj who was a spiritual leader of Nazi military units<ref>-----. ''[ Kharkov pensioners break a memorial desk to the SS spiritual guide].'' Interfax-Religion. 25 June 2008, 16:30.</ref><ref>-----. ''[ Yushchenko decorates Cardinal Husar with the highest Ukrainian award].'' Interfax-Religion. 27 February 2008, 15:03</ref><ref group="note">[[w:14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Ukrainian)|SS-Galicia division]] (Galizien/Galichina) and the Wehrmacht [[w:Nachtigall Battalion|Nachtigall battalion]].</ref> that were later condemned by the Nuremberg tribunal, and who was imprisoned by Soviet authorities for aiding the UPA; zenith of the [[w:Papist|Papist]]<ref group="note">'''Papist''' is a term, usually regarded as a disparaging or an anti-Catholic slur, referring to the Roman Catholic Church, its teaching, practices or adherents. It was coined during the English Reformation to denote a Christian whose loyalties were to the Pope, rather than to the Church of England. Over time, however, it came to mean one who supported [[w:Papal supremacy|Papal authority over all Christians]]. A similar term, "papalism", is sometimes used.</ref> persecution in Poland against Orthodox faithful in the region of Helm and Podlaskia - [ Holy Poles martyred by the Papists].
*1946 State-sponsored synod held Ukraine dissolves the Union of Brest-Litovsk and integrates the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church into the Russian Orthodox Church, with Soviet authorities arresting resisters or deporting them to Siberia; Croatian Roman Catholic Abp. of Zagreb [[w:Aloysius Stepinac|Aloysius Stepinac]] is tried and found guilty of collaboration with the fascist Ustaše movement and complicity in allowing the forced conversions of Orthodox Serbs to Catholicism.<ref>Dr. [[w:Carl Kosta Savich|Carl Savich]] ([[w:Juris Doctor|J.D.]]). ''[ Another Side of the Pope: John Paul II’s Balkan Legacy].'' April 9, 2005.</ref><ref group="note" name="STEPINAC">"After World War II, Stepinac was arrested by the Communist regime and tried and convicted for his complicity in war crimes and mass murder. Of course, this trial is dismissed by neo-Ustasha propaganda and the official history as a Communist show trial meant to discredit Roman Catholicism. Stepinac served 5 years in prison as a convicted war criminal for complicity in genocide. He died in 1960 under house arrest. The theory of [[w:Command responsibility|command responsibility]] cited today by the Hague and international war crimes law experts was employed in the postwar trial of Archbishop Stepinac. He was found guilty according to this theory. A 1947 publication, ''The Trial of Stepinac'', relates the findings of the Yugoslav War Crimes Commission." (Dr. [[w:Carl Kosta Savich|Carl Savich]] ([[w:Juris Doctor|J.D.]]). ''[ Another Side of the Pope: John Paul II’s Balkan Legacy].'' April 9, 2005.)<br>See also: Dr. Srdja Trifkovic. ''[ Shades of Grey: The Record of Archbishop Stepinac].'' ''''''. June 8th, 2011.</ref>
*1947 Death of [[Alexis (Kabaliuk) of Carpathia|Alexei Kabalyiuk]], Apostle of Carpatho-Russia, who played a major role in reviving Orthodoxy in Transcarpathia in the early 20th century.
*1949 Papal [[w:Decree against Communism|Decree against Communism]] by [[w:Pope Pius XII|Pope Pius XII]] excommunicates all Catholics collaborating in communist organizations.

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