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Ante-Nicene era (100-325): 225;303
*215 Conversion of [[Tertullian]] to [[Montanism]].
*220 [[w:Sextus Julius Africanus|Sextus Julius Africanus]] writes the ''Chronographiai'', a history of the world up to year 217.
*225 Death of [[Tertullian]]; martyrdom of [[Tatiana of Rome]].
*ca.225-250 ''[[w:Didascalia Apostolorum|Didascalia Apostolorum]]'', ''"Teaching of the Apostles"'', oldest extant manual of church order describes church life at that time; circulated widely in Persia, being translated early on from Greek into Syriac.
*227 [[Origen]] begins ''Commentary on Genesis'', completes work on ''First Principles''.
*301 [[Gregory the Enlightener|Gregory the Illuminator]] converts King Tiridates I of Armenia to the Christian faith.
*302 20,000 Martyrs burned at Nicomedia.
*303 Outbreak of the [[w:Diocletianic Persecution|Great Persecution]] (303-311), as Diocletian and Galerius launch the last and most severe persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire; martyrdom of [[George the Trophy-bearer]]; martyrdom of [[Genesius of Rome|Genesios of Rome]].
*305 Martyrdom of [[Panteleimon]] and [[Catherine of Alexandria]]. Martyrdom of Bishop Ianouarios of Beneventio of Campania and his Companions.
*ca.305-311 [[Lactantius]] writes ''Divinae Institutiones'', the first systematic Latin account of the Christian view of life.

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