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Church of Russia

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==External links==
*[ Moscow Patriarchate] (Official Website)*[ Church en/ Department of RussiaExternal Affairs] official website in English(Official Website)*[http://www.patriarchiasynod.rucom/synod/ Patriarchiaindexeng.RUhtm Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia] official portal of the Moscow Patriarchate (Russian onlyOfficial Website)* [ Eastern Christian Churches: The Orthodox Church of Russia] by Ronald Roberson, a Roman Catholic priest and scholar<!--- * [ Commission Dialogue Moscow Patriarchate-Church outside Russia] --->(CNEWA)*[ "The Canonical Territory of the Moscow Patriarchate: An Analysis of Contemporary Russian Orthodox Thought], " by Fr. J. Buciora, Ph.D. (a paper criticizing the actions of the MP outside Russia)*[ The Russian Canonical Territory], from the website of the Church of Estonia (a paper critical of the MP's actions in EstoniaArticle)
==Further Reading==

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