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Alexis van der Mensbrugghe

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Archbishop Alexis van der Mensbrugghe was born in Belgium in 1899. He became a Roman Catholic Benedictine monk in a [[monastery]] at Amay-sur-Met. In April 1929, he was received into the Orthodox Church by Metr. [[Eulogius (Georgievsky) of Paris|Eulogius of Paris]]. When the Western Church's [[St. Denys Theological Institute (Paris, France)|St Denys Theological Institute]] opened in Paris, Archim. Alexis occupied the chair of Patristic Theology and Ancient Liturgies while he remained in the Eastern rite.
Archim. Alexis became associated with the group led by Evgraph Kovalevsky under the Church of Russia that was working to restore a Gallican liturgical usage based on correspondence of the sixth century Bishop of Paris St. Germanus. The rite became known as the Divine Liturgy according to St. [[Germanus of Paris]].

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