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Alexis van der Mensbrugghe

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'''Alexis van der Mensbrugghe''' (1899-1980) was a [[Roman Catholic Church|Roman Catholic]] [[Rule of St. Benedict|Benedictine]] [[monk]] [[conversion|convert]] to Orthodox Christianity who worked to establish a Gallican liturgical rite as an [[archbishop]] in of the [[Church of Russia]].{{stub}}
Originally from Archbishop Alexis van der Mensbrugghe was born in Belgium, he was in 1899. He became a Roman Catholic [[Rule of St. Benedict|Benedictine]] [[monk]] in the a [[monastery]] at Amay-sur-Met. At his reposeIn April 1929, he was living in Germany as a received into the Orthodox Church by Metr. [[bishopEulogius (Georgievsky) of Paris|Eulogius of Paris]] of . When the Western Church 's St. Denys Theological Institute opened in Paris, Archim. Alexis occupied the chair of RussiaPatristic Theology and Ancient Liturgies while he remained in the Eastern rite.
==Writings==Archim. Alexis became associated with the group led by Evgraph Kovalevsky under the Church of Russia that was working to restore a Gallican liturgical usage based on correspondence of the sixth century Bishop of Paris St. Germanus. The rite became known as the Divine Liturgy according to St. [[Germanus of Paris]].  *''From Dyad to triad: A Plea for Duality Against Dualism and an Essay Towards Archim. Alexis was consecrated a [[bishop]] of the Synthesis Church of OrthodoxyRussia'' (Londons episcopate on [[November 1]], 1935)*''La liturgie orthodoxe de rit occidental: Essai de restauration'' (Paris1960, 1948)*''L'Expositio missæ Gallicanæwith the title of Bishop Meudon, est-elle de Saint Germain de Paris[[auxiliary bishop]] of the then West European Exarchate, dwhile he continued his Western Rite work under the auspices of the Moscow Patriarchate. 576?'' (Paris, 1959) Archbishop Alexis reposed in 1980. ==See also==*[[Orthodox Church of France]]*''Missel orthodoxe de rit occidentale Gallican et Italique'' (Paris, 1962)[[Western Rite in the Twentieth Century]]
*W. Jardine Grisbrooke, “Obituaries: Archbishop Alexis van der Mensbrugghe” in ''Sobornost'' 4.2 (1981), 212-216.
*[[Wikipedia:Western Orthodox Church]]
*[ A Brief History of Western Orthodoxy]
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