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Lazarus Saturday

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Celebration of the feast
==Celebration of the feast==
Lazarus Saturday is a [[pascha]]l celebration. The [[liturgy]] of Lazarus Saturday glorifies Christ as the ''Resurrection and the Life'' who, by raising Lazarus, has confirmed the universal resurrection of mankind, even before his own suffering and death. This liturgy is the only time in the [[Church Calendar|Church year]] that the resurrectional service of Sunday is celebrated on another day. As such, one does not kneel during time of the consecration of the Holy gifts.
Lazarus Saturday was once among the few great baptismal days in the ecclesiastical year. At the Divine Liturgy of Lazarus Saturday the [[baptism]]al verse from [[Galatians]]: ''As many as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ'' (Galatians 3:27) replaces the [[Trisagion|Thrice-Holy Hymn]].
==Fulfillment of prophecies==

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