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[[ImageFile:AthanasiusBoris I of Bulgaria.jpg|100px|St. Athanasius the Great]]</div>[[Saint]] [[Athanasius the Great]]Boris-Michael, [[Patriarch]] Baptizer of Alexandria; Saint [[Athanasius of LubenskBulgaria]], <br>[[Patriarch File:Matrona Moskovskaya.jpg|100px|St. Matrona of ConstantinopleMoscow]]; [[Martyr]]s </div>Martyrs [[Hesperus, Zoe, Cyriacus, and Theodulus|Hesperus, Zoe, and their sons Cyriacus and Theodulus]], at Attalia(ca. 124); Venerable Jordan the Wonder-worker; Saint Sabbas, Bishop of [[w:Dafnousia|Dafnousia]];Saint Boris-Michael, [[Equal-to-the-Apostles]], prince and [[baptism|baptizer]] of Bulgaria(907); Saint Valentine, Bishop of Genoa in Italy ca.295-307, (ca.307);Saint Germanus of Normandy, converted by St Germanus of Auxerre, martyred in France (ca.460);Hieromartyrs Vindemialis, Eugene and Longinus, Bishops in North Africa martyred by the Arian Vandal King Hunneric (ca.485);Saint Neachtain, a relative of St Patrick of Ireland at whose repose he was present (5th c.);Saint Ultan, Irish monk, brother of Saints Fursey and Foillan (657);Saint Waldebert (Walbert, Gaubert), abbot of Luxeuil in France (ca.668); Saint [[Jordan Bertinus the Younger, Benedictine monk at Sithin, in France (699);Saint Felix of Seville, deacon and martyr in Seville, Spain, under the Wonder-worker]]Muslims; Martyr Wiborada, anchoress of [[w:Abbey of Saint Gall|St. Gallen Abbey]] in Germany (926) (''see also [[May 11]]'')<!-- --->; translation St. Athanasius of Syandem and Valaam (ca. 1550);Patriarch Athanasius III Patelaros, of Constantinople, from Lubensk (Lubny), Wonderworker (1654);Blessed Basil of Kadom, [[fool-for-Christ]] (1848);Saint [[Matrona of Moscow|Matrona]] the Blind, the Righteous [[Wonderworker]] of Moscow (1952)'''Other Commemorations:'''Translation of the [[relics]] of Patriarch [[Athanasius of Alexandria]] (373);Translation of the relics (1072 and 1115) of the Holy holy [[Passionpassion-bearer]]s [[Boris and Gleb ]] (in holy baptism, Romanus and David) (1015); [[Icon]] of the [[Theotokos]] of Putivilsk(1238, 1635); Saint [[Matrona of Moscow|Matrona]] the Blind, the Righteous Wonderworker of Moscow. <noinclude>[[Category:Calendar day templates|May 02]]</noinclude>
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